Weymann Five String
Repair as needed to play
No refinish
Take to AZ

Replace all leftover Weymann hooksets with modern hooksets implementing the short Bacon and Day style nut.

They shouldn't have to be cut down to clear the resonator but we will see in AZ
If left full, they are easier to install, these do not have the long Weymann shanks

Frets are well worn past 7, I'll leave only what is over the heel

Last 7 wires will stay

Compression fretting with Stewmac 147 wire

Fingerboard is weak in the slots, normal rosewood degradation, I've sealed the old and the new with Cyano

Drilled out the bad wood in the heel,and ran hardwood dowel thru vestige of dowel tenon and glued in shim wood between the dowel and neck to enhance retention, much more cost effective compared to dowel recreation

Made a new heel cap,

For even more retention I've hardwood doweled thru the main dowel and 1/4" into the maple of the upper neck, this should ensure dowel integrity for years to come

Since the old dowel was split up and the end and holding nothing, I have  glued and doweled back behind where lag bolt will ride to seal the laminations back together

sanded the repair areas, will add protective clear

2 coats of clear completed

Frets leveled crowned and polished, time for fingerboard oil .

Reattached torsion rod
Drilled thru the front of it, ran a screw at a "Cant" that the rod will hold tension on
THIS ROD NEEDS NO ADJUSTMENT, the action is good and can be worked with by bridge heights

Nice and tight here now.
I see what you mean about the short heel, never saw one like this as many Weymann's as I have worked on, over 40
I wonder if it is just a 5 string thang?

Good and stable it seems OK to me for a patch job
Trying all I can to save the $$

I'm not sure the Oettinger was mounted but with the new front lag bolt there is no room to go thru the modified hole into the rim
I looked at ways to hoop mount the Ottie like original Weymann, nothing was quick and easy so I will bring it to AZ and I made a Presto setup on there that is giving good down force

I could take this apart and run a screw into the hoop for more retention but it is holding OK with just a pop screw into the hole that is short enough as not to impact the front lag bolt

So if I do not have to do anything else, we are at the end of it, we can look it over in AZ and tweak it, I cannot play five string nor do I know what action is best for you buddy, we will get to that and I will bring Tailpiece, old hooksets and a few new ones for spares.
Seems to fret out nice and all.