Circa 1890s

10- 12

Banjeaurine: A banjeaurine (Banjorine) is a short-necked five string banjo with a scale in the 20" to 22" range that was used at the turn of the century as the tenor voice in banjo orchestras.
These sometimes have over sized heads and often have fingerboard extensions.

Herschel Fenton advertised and sold banjos marked "Electric" circa 1890. Very different from Fairbanks, probably made by Buckbee.



Estimated work

Clean and polish and wax all metalwork

Find suitable replacement for 1 missing hookset

Neck has some lift, and fingerboard extension has lift and cup in its center
There is some glue loss up on this end, I will think more on this .

Frets are loose, all need sealing and leveling
Ends will be shaved and smoothed due to ebony shrinkage

Lag bolt is broken and still in the dowel
More on this later

Interesting copper tailpiece
Listed on Mike Holmes great webpage
Thanks Mike

Pearwood fingerboard, munute cracking, needs sealing
Inlay VGC


That is a very clear stamped 1, the glare for the flash made it fuzzy


Rim Machine buffed, polished and waxed

Shoes and screws polished, screw washers flipped over to the good side

Cleaning somne old scum from Vellum

I found a nut very close to this style, and will rethread it to fit a modern hook I have

All other hardware cleaned up and ready

Now to talk to Karl about the neck and how far were should take it.
It has the makings of a good player with some work.

Marking the wires before leveling

Sealing the frets before leveling

Sealing the cracks in the fingerboard
Ill have to remarker the wires my hand rubbed it off

You can see where the file hits and what is low, this looks common for hammered in frets that were never leveled
The extension is now lower as you can see by no indicator marks being scored with the file, Ill have to work them separate

One really high wire at the extension, but coming along now on it and you can see one that hasnt even been touched yet.

Frets leveled,  recrowned, polished, fingerboard oiled and polished.

The broken lag  can be seen here and i see one plan of attack

I propose to cut the broken stud from the lug, drill and tap it for a new lag bolt.
I propose to cut into the topside of the dowel  remove the broken stud, replace the wood that is removed and not try and mask the repair so that others can see what took place.
This is up under the head and will not be seen.

Cut down, now to pry it out and add new wood

Wood added and profile cut to the tip 1" repair area dyed black

After tapping as best I could, Im threading for a new stuf

Soldered in, i do not plan to make it have too much tension it goes far enough up into the dowel and string tension will hold it in solid.


Aquila Classical Banjo, tuned to A
Compensated bridge

Excellent tone and playabilty
A pleasure to have had the opportunity to make it live again.
Thanks for watching,


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