Barry Foulon
Tubaphone #3 Plectrum
Restore as needed to play
Add Inlay

Uncle B decided to just go "Stars" all the way so that's what I will do.
Defretted and ready to strip binding

All dots out, leaving the orig Star

All installed and ready for a logo block, the last 2 dots are on a block that's too small for stars

All slots cleaned and deepened, ready to bind


Ready for side markers

Fretted and ready for finish

Resonator was blond, I want it to match the mahogany neck

Going on with clear coats


Adding 3/32 markers

Rim refinish completed

Renaissance head


DGBE Tuning
String gauges chosen for the longer 27" scale Vega neck
GHS Strings and REMO courtesy of
Richelieu bridge

Good production finish, nothing too fancy

Grover Clamshell tailpiece is good for this banjo, and matching chrome, does not need to be changed out.
Armrest will be changed to a comfortable Gibson Style, these all poorly fit and rattle.

More to come