Frank's Vega Tubaphone #3
30 bracket-11-13/16 rim

Restore as needed, per customers instruction


After stripping, ready to dye bottom and add clear

After stripping the resonator, re-tint with Vintage Maple, clear coats going on rim and resonator (hanging)

Plating has quite a bit of degradation.

After buffing , some of the metal will go in for plating.


Will do 4 Vega's at one time, get in a groove, pun intended.
So if you are watching multiple pages you will see a few repeats.


Pulling the wire

Dam Building

All binding removed
All of the necks are dried out and need the fret slots rebuilt.
This is Teflon, available from my supply company and it is gauged at the proper thickness for fret slots
So they have all been sawed out with a fretting saw dams inserted and I am adding #10 CA for the filler.
Its added to both sides until full. watching for overflow.
It will wick in all the cracks and seal the teflon in, and then after it cures you slide out the teflon
Basically forming a new slot from Acrylic , to the proper gaude for re-fretting.
It has been in use here over 3 years, and it gives dry old boards a new grip.

After pulling strips, getting the residue from the tape off

Will use my fret leveler to knock down the glue peaks
Storing my trips for another use, they are good for maybe three times if you treat them right

I will clean out the slots and then press it

Heat, and my smallest Drill bit (Oil Well ,I mean)
Its my go to weight for neck bending
I can move it around until it does what I want where I want
This neck is level so Im hanging it level

Getting the heat up, I'll stop about 105 then hit it from the bottom with my heat gun on high, bring it to about 120 and it will sag.

Need a little up the neck

Now to cool it in the clamps a few hours before binding it.

Bound,  up with a few more, now for The Capitano's No.3, heated and in the clamps

Plating ready to go to Reliable
Only what is on the left will head in, some is still OK, and we will not be using these tuners.

Compression fretted to the top
Markers added

Sealed in with #10

A line of Vega's and a Lonesome Gibson.

Level,Crown, polish, dress ends,

Frets completed

All cracks in overlay sealed

Black dye applied

Sealed up, taking on fresh finish

Stopped to ream tuners holes for Geared set.

Last coats on all these, now for curing.

Trying the latest in block sanding, Kovax Tolecut
Its a dry sanding paper and comes in precut piecs for the rubber block
I will use the 800 to start

I did only one section with one piece and then buffed it on the machine, you can see the flat appearance on the center section
That was only to 800, it goes to 3000
I think it will be great for spot leveling, and in the larger sheets, production finish sanding
Thanks TJ, for turning me on to some of it.

Plating returned from Reliable, looking really nice

Nice nickel

Loosely assembled

Waiting on a new head and hook set

New Gotoh tuners arrived
I'll buff the neck and get them installed.


Getting everything dialed in, settled in.


Playing well up and down the board, still tweaking it in.

Ok, she will be ready to go home soon.
Love working on the big Vega's and anyone that has not played one, has missed out.
Thanks for watching,Vinnie

FRANK-if you see this -email me
Cant find your email!