Frank's Workpage
Bud Sosebee Neck / Resonator

Next to original Vegaphone Deluxe

Frank wanted this all to look like vintage maple but Bud stained the tiger maple neck  Reddish Brown...and this resonator is a brown burled birdseye maple.
So neither can be brought to blond and with the neck stained red, Ill have to bring the brown to reddish brown

If you look, you can see all the breaking  of the finish on the Burled wood, and this is common
The birdseye wood is beautiful but the reality is its very difficult to work with and  always has to have excessive finish to look even halfway smooth

This inside had finish globbed into it and it fisheyed so there is some contaminant in the wood
Ill strip it and add 2-3 coats, not much

Neck is rodded and straight, no issues there

Cannot use stripper around the celluloid's so its a slow scrape
Its a catalyzed Varnish of a sort, very brittle, l

I have to take it back to the inside edge of the star to get a smooth line

Look at all those eyes, its going to be a long row to hoe, on refinish

Bringing it to Reddish Brown

1" fade on the edge

 Its easy to see just how pocked the wood is in this pic

Stripping the neck

That's all the red still from the stain, time to revitalize it

Blackening the gravings first

That's the color on it, no clear yet
Its a Yellow Maple, so red looks more orange on it than it does the brown burl.

Now to tape off for numerous coats of clear with many wet sandings.
It will never be flat, and it will always be subject to crazing and cracking, that's the nature of Burl.

Taking on clear coats with other projects

 2 coats a day in this heat is easy, so I will lay it on

In between every 3 coats is a wetsand to knock down the high spots.
It will never be perfectly smooth, its the nature of Burled wood.
If I say this over and over, means  that I want  anyone that does this work to know where they stand when working with Burl, Birdseye, whatever you wish to call it.
I'm 10 coats into this and will add 3 more, wetsand once more and call it done.

Removing the  GLOBBED IN finish out of the resonator the only way that will not harm it.
Stripper had no effect on whatever substance was used to coat this resonator.
No thought of refinishing was given... and no Instrument finish was used...that I'll say with no reservations.
It will receive only 2 coats of clear finish.

After 13 coats

There is still one eye thats taking finish into it like a frigging Black Hole, as is one of the pie section seams
Somewhere hidden under all that laminate is a cavity.
I will drop fill them until I run out of Finish, or fill them.
And its not likely I will lose, its just time.

After 18 coats and 9 wetsandings, the last at 1200
Machine buffing for the final stage

The reflection of the coffee cup is to show the mirror like finish.
it takes alot to get Birdseye to this level of......level

Blacking the inlay

One last coat of  fiugerboard oil after 0000 steel wool to clean up the board

Ready to install tuners with cleaned buttons

Parts ready to head home, and Frank can put them to use
Thanks for watching.