Work page 2017
Georg's S.S. Stewart

Repair chip in inlay
Replace frets
Setup to customers specs
Keep as original as possible, with  only light cleaning.

Fret wire is now what is considered "Mandolin wire", very thin, I have a suitable replacement wire.
If we go full, we could deal with some of the "Cupping" in the fingerboard
This is an instrument over 100 years "young"
They are a meticulous re-fret, care must be taken to preserve to originality of the board.

Rim assembly looks good, neck is tight to the rim
Wedges are working
Less than 1/2 bridge, but still makes good tone
Will ask for further instructions (if any)  from the owner and move forth.
Neck is true, needs no heating
Showing once again it is NOT only the Laminated and Trussed necks that can stay straight under tension for 100 plus years.
The wood has to be good wood to start with or you will have a poor outcome.

Tailpiece Rosette is always nice to have.

All as it should be


Dowel is very tight to the heel, and is a 1/2" tenon
There is no movement, it is still perfectly glue locked.

The dowel cannot be re-set without possible damage to dowel tenon
This is much harder on a 1/2" tenon than a 5/8", and it also Cherry and may easily snap in the heel.
We will leave the shim, make sure everything else is tight and leave this area alone.
It should play fine on 1/2"


Wires are divot-ed but board is good, will repair that tip on #1 inlay
Will make a new bone nut and Farquhar bridge

Will tape off all the way, and leave tape all thru pulling, sawing, slot sealing, because of the fragile nature of this fingerboard

Using wax paper to push down little chips while I glue to stabilize the slots

You pull, not push, so as not to stir up a chip

Cutting a new nut

Sawing slots for modern 764 Stewmac

Some light board leveling and sealing all inlay, all the way to the top of the peg head, they are all loose

Slots looking good, board was buffed

Over the heel and now moving on
Sealing them in as I go

Has a set of pics that would not print so we will move on to setup
Frets were sealed, leveled, crowned and polished
Repaired inlay
Cut Farquhar bridge to fit.
Slotted the nut and setup on existing strings.
Shim back in place, wedges tight

I will let it settle a night then finalized bridge/nut slots, wipe it off and get it in the case, ready to ship out.
I think we got most of the things we wanted from her, without ruining anything to try and modernize the setup.
Not on this one!
Thanks for watching