Dale Small Custom 11.5 Rim Assembly
FQMS PB6 Sparkle Plectrum Neck
FQMS Hardware
FQMS resonator

This neck has issues, I will have to heat it and work it.
Its never been on any instrument long and has set around too long

Pulled down with the truss, it is still wacky but I will get it there
 First I need to get it cut to fit this 11.5 rim assembly

It will need to be enlarged in the flange cut to bring it on in

My inlay saw can cut a little at a time out, until I get some breathing room on the flange

That size cut is all I needed
I will need to re-position the lags

I will need to add on about this much heel

And it is now up where it needs to be

The fit is very close, will test string it

Not bad, I will need less neck angle so will build the heel to suit the bridge Gary wants to drive this thing with
The resonator is dark from the old finish choice, but was light and has wood marquetry that will need to be removed and a lighter celluloid binding installed

Heel fits OK, so moving on

Working with the neck with heat, it is still too flat

Finish removal

Binding router to cut out the marquetry

That is a tiny bit left, it was set deeper in the sidewall than I need to remove

Stripped and ready to get its new bindings, on the way



Now that looks like I need a Hazmat suit to open it.

Voila, 380.00 worth of celluloid binding,  of which 39.00 is HazMat Fees!....Plus shipping
It is best to save up for a stock order if you can to lessen the blow

Widening and deepening the channels, for the Axiom made Multi- laminate celluloid.
I had to modify the router to get to the height and depth needed
You cannot sand the face of this binding more than .005" because its black line is only a .010" insert
It's critical, or you will lose your line.

Completed, and filed smooth on the facing edges
Now for the bottom, the hard one
The back is angled, so you have to concentrate, to keep the router at a 90 degree angle when routing

Satisfied as I can be on a used resonator and a hand piece.

Top side glued in place, leaving a channel for the sparkle

#2 installed, block sanded to profile and a sealer coat added


More to follow