Cripple Creek Series

Gift from a friend to a friend, and will go back to that friend

Bad Truss-will not adjust- forward pull (warp) on neck
Since I felt that It was not worth pulling the board, and installing a new rod I thought I would see if I could drill open the heel and drive it out that end.

I am driving thru the truss pocket with a rod., it is coming out

It got this far, and would go no further.
End of board shattered from hammer blows.
So much for that method
Will drive it back in.

Almost back in, tool coming back out

AND THEN......magic.
twisting tool to remove it..truss adjuster broke free.
I got it all the way back to flat.
You never know.
Ok great, now to fix all the horrendous damage so it can go back to work with Mark.
Will glue it all solid now that it has adjusted, it will never adjust again.
It would not have without this tool jammed up in it anyway.
Will remove the broken fingerboard end, and make that out of colored CA, slot it, fret it, add new a couple coats finish since I had a glue run out

Clean it up

Ready to slot, fret, other stuff.

Back together, will make a truss cover

Good enuf for a player

Now to wait on a tailpiece since I needed that one that I needed for something else, and BG strings, she should be good to go again.
Thanks for watching,Vinnie