John Gill's Style X #9 Plectrum

11-13/16 30 bracket, with  20 fret neck
Most likely custom ordered

It and John's Silver Bell are both in here for work, so they will move down the line at the same time.

We will replace the Skin with a Renaissance, set the instrument up to play with  more power and projection
Modern frets, for comfortability
John is a Top Flight player and I want it to really perform.

It has a long scale, at almost 28"

The holes in the dowel will be filled

Something abraded where the NO. is before the 9

Nice tuners with MOP buttons

Large shim at end of fingerboard

I will fill the dents in the backstrapping
They are deep and should not be sanded, I have a method of filling, to retain the original color


Neck stripped , ill redye the overlays and add a coat of sealer before the refret

Beautiful maple
The back inlay on the overlay is really tall out of the wood which has shrunken down over time.
So I can build finish slowly over it  instead of risking breaking it by removing to deepen the cavity.

Frets removed, old binding ditched

New binding on, adding side dots and sealer next

Inlays reblacked and looking nice, ready to fret

Adding more clear


This tool is used to clean fret slots and deepen them if necessary.
One blade cuts one way and the other reverse
Great for removing excess glue when a new binding job is done

Pull this way and push the other
The binding is clamped into the vise so I cannot pull thru it when Im working it hard

It's a new tool,  and so far I deem it worthy of praise.

Hammering in new 147 wire in over the heel, gluing and trimming before moving on...

Compression fretting the rest of the slots

All wire is relieved to go over the new binding, making for the widest playing surface possible

After leveling, recrowning, polishing, dressing the ends and steel wool on the board, its time for more finishing oil.

Rim finish completed, buffed and waxed hardware, Renaissance head

The neck will take quite a bit of finish on the peghead and reverse because of pearwood shrinkage so I will work on setting  the action while it takes on clear.

Drop filling the deep pockets

Adding some more clear

Trimming out the dowel relief, to gain elevation on the fingerboard

I will also have to take the lip off of the heel cap so I can make the neck rise up

That done, now Im cutting a 1/8 extra relief to give room for head adjustment
Its 3 cuts every time to get the elevation and angle

That's a nice lift, and will enhance the tone

Ready to string up


GHS  28w-18w-14-s-12s CGBD

After a few more adjustments, I have it at 5/8 bridge with a good playing action and sounding very strong

The long Kershner gives little room for string gap between the arm and the bridge, making for a very sharp report.

There is plenty of relief for head adjustment and we have good heel contact.

Packing her away to go and make some music
Its a big rim with a big tone, and should provide a cutting rhythm that can be heard in a larger session, even if it is openbacked.
Thanks for watching,Vinnie