Grace's Banjo Uke

(Slingerland made , 1920s)
6-7/8" head
Maple construction

Rebuild Banjo Uke
Missing - Tension hoop
Odd size
Replace oxidized parts with nicer old hardware
Setup to play GCEA

After a long wait of looking and trying a few that did not work,(Years),  Mr.Bill Rickard in Canada volunteered his services and created a tension hoop for me.
Many thanks to Bill, visit his website here for more information on his services

When I first got it, I searched out a flesh ring and a head bearing ring for it

All the hoops that came in were 7" so I sent the rim to Bill and just let him taker his time, he is a very busy man and you know what....He got it done
And done right
Giving up was not an option
Grace is a kind person and not a peep from her have I gotten so I hope this comes as a nice surprise.


Parts in from Bill

Also to the side is a set of his new 6:1 banjo tuners, I'm VERY excited to get the opportunity to be one of the first to try them out
Rim has been stripped and bottom redyed black

4 coats Lacquer

One coat finish on board, dressing the frets

Soldering the head bearing

Getting a new Cowhide ready for it

4 coats on the neck

Finding nicer tension hooks

Man, that new Tension hoop is a sight for sore eyes
 Anyone that knows me KNOWS...I hate unfinished work!
Also, the little plaque I have been saving for Grace, for this occasion
There used to be one on the rim, but its long gone
 I happened to have one.......who knows.....maybe this same one
Banjo world is weird like that.
Its going to go onto this rim, and that's cool to me.

Oh yeah Baby, all original

Same hole spacing as was in the rim....sweet!
The HO railroad spikes now have 2 uses for banjo in this shop!
Hardware all polished and waxed

Mounting the hide
I'm going as thick as I can, I like the tone a heavy head makes on a B'Uke

Ready to trim

Time to cure a few days
Nicer tension hooks on it now

Tuners cleaned, new washers installed, neck is ready to roll

Heel angle was wrong from factory so I adjusted it and elevated the neck so that the new hoop would need no cutting at the neck notch

Ready for a nut and strings
It can cure whilst I order up some for it

She will be singing soon

Strung with Worth Strings provided by
Sounds nice, good action and tone

OK, she is ready to come back home to Gracie, and I hope she sees it and loves it.
Many thanks to Mr Bill Rickard, for making it all happen

Thanks for watching