Albert Houdlett & Sons
Circa 1920s

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Fred Gretsch worked for them  up until 1883
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By the looks of the hardware, I'm going to suggest that they were Houdlett's main contractor

 13-1/4" scale
8" x 3/8" rim
All matching original hardware in good condition

 Refinished wood- repairs as needed
Added  black side marker dots
Original vintage hide head cleaned and re-used
Aquila Nyl-Gut
Strings furnished by
Grover Non Tip 5/8" bridge
Original Waverly tailpiece - Original friction tuners

Low action, Exceptional tone with tremendous volume
This compares well with Ludwig Wendall Hall, not many do.
GCEA tuning

Sound byte with my good friend Tyler hitting some licks on it.


Simple 3 coat finish - Mohawk Classic Instrument Lacquer
Hardware buffed and waxed