Partial restoration with plating

Built under contract by the WM Lange Company, N.Y.





That was easy :)

The rosewood fingerboard is very thin, the rest is maple backing
There will be no leveling at all done on this board, just a good smoothing and cleaning, and it all is coming loose down the neck so I'll inject it with glue and clamp it all back down

That style neck binding is basically "Unobtainium", Im sure we will have to get creative!
Hardware is gold over brass, no nickel
Hooks , I'll look for replacements, these will not plate well.


I like the side groove hoops makes for a clean topside

Some divoting, it will have to be lived with, it will have new frets

That green stripe  laminate  is all the way thru the neck, not just on the fingerboard edges... solid sheet
That gave me an idee that will surface later.

Hide glue used to reattach the main section

After some profiling I shot a coat of clear to get a look at how things will look

All back down nice and tight and back veneer cracks sealed and dyed

Top piece added back onto the overlay and dyed in the juncture area

1 coat of clear for now

now to deal with that one little piece on the side of the neck that's chipped off.

I will pull the heel cap and scavenge some marquetry under the heel now that I know that this is full width laminates on this banjo

That's what I need to see.

Fine cut saw, and chiseled out a portion that will suffice

I chose light upper and lower wood and will dye to match

Cap back on and all cracks in it repaired

Plugged the hole

I have the neck in the vertical, and have been injecting thin cyano into the center laminations and under the fingerboard
It took a full 1/2 oz of fluid before it topped out....15 solid minutes of filling.
  I always have the neck sealed with 2 coats of clear so none runs out the sides on the way down.
That is now sealed well as well as can be inside, something old world Lutherie did not offer.

Resonator / Rim
Something happened to the pics of the rim sequence but this is basically the same,
Stripping and sealing all purfling but the resonator is in decent condition with 1 strip of severely damaged purfling, the outside concentric ring.




The center ring is intact as in the middle ring, so I will go about injecting thin cyano into all the open grain and bond it all back to the backing
A little at a time, working my way out.
The varnish was thick and Im working it down as i go

There were 2 decent pieces that I carefully lifted and then I soaked them in cyano to stabilize them, and will use these to repair some of the small places on the sidewall that are missing
This will make it where I have everything repaired except the one large ring

The few chipouts in the checker veneer are around both top and bottom, but do-able

Sealing center ring, moving out...

After all finish removed in the interior , purfling channel cleaned and ready
If nothing else a solid maple here would be Slingerland like, and non obtrusive to other marquetry.

Taking the rest of the Varnish off the edge and sides...

And inside

Colors becoming vibrant again

This is blurred but is a pic of all the side purfling sealed with thin cyano to bind it back down

Inside cleaned and all stops installed and center block glued , and a coat of sealer
Now I can send that little collet in with the plating

Plating bagged and tagged, ready to go in

Neck finish complete
Rim and resonator sealed, and now I can see the small repair areas better and will piece in some purfling while I await the plating to come back.
I can dial in all the rest of the woodwork in that time period..

Im replacing some missing marquetry here on one of the Radioactive signs on reso sidewall,
Already added 2 black and one white triangles here

Cutting the pieces one at a time


After adding some mahogany around it, it will be fine when not under this close a scrutiny!

Now to start on all that missing purfling on the  edge  , I may have just enough to piece in here, from the old remnants of another area

Cutting these remnants that have been stabilized are allowing me some longer sections

Time to add some veneers into this channel

Going with colors that are in this banjo

Glued up a little and its going to be something like this

Quite a few sections

Clearing the old glue from the channel

All rolled up and glued

I have one section about 2" that did not do very well for whatever reason.
Some of it being the laminates were old and brittle and some inconsistent thickness.

  I am going to attempt to repair just this section

The edges are good and its all stable again, now for some clear coats while we wait on plating
After the repair and subsequent repair, I have something that at least fills the cavity and matches up with the colors

New felt for the reso stops


Fresh plating going back on

Renaissance head was the choice

Replacing the Diamond shaped Grovers with some 2 tabs

Using some Amber buttons on them for a warmer look that goes well with the Rosewood

Setup as Irish Tenor, GDAE
Farquhar Bridge
Taga Nut Inserts


After settling in, the tone is nice and clear , plenty bright for ITM players
The 10-3/4 gives a nice sharp staccto report up arpund the bridge.
Plays well up and down the neck

The wood looks nice, and it will give good service without worrying about ruining some perfect collector piece, this is the best of both worlds.
It is a rare banjo nevertheless but is once again a player and needs to be used, not just admired.

The Lange  influence is strong, just as in the Stromberg Deluxe
The more we learn about these banjos the more we see just how much subcontracting went on in the heyday.

The inlay is just wonderful in this neck
I will take a couple of outside pics and post them
It was a pleasure to bring this one back from the sad state that it was in and I hope it can bring some more pleasure to others for years to come.
Thanks for watching,


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