IMGB Super Paramount
Artist's Supreme


Nice original example with a lot of play wear and patina
Complete with mute, tool, Factory paperwork, 3 original bridges and a hand full of case candy.
That is a fake mustache by the safety pin

General "good" condition all around

OHSC still has working latches, I never use the zippers

Repair to play
Partial restoration with frets
Since this instrument had so many wear factors it will be restored and a "Player's Instrument"
This means I will not try to make it as if it were totally original.
By doing some things differently it will keep the banjo in the realm of affordability for the model
There will be no re- plating
Wood will be refinish with a production Nitrocellulose Instrument Lacquer

One  Zinc body Page bit the dust on the way here, I assume the wind blew on it, that's all it takes sometimes.
if this was not the 40 or 50th, I'd feel worse.

I had to vintage housings so I thought I would slip by but they are not exactly the same size and reaming needs done

Just trying to pick the base up broke it, there is no strength left in this Zinc.

Post are always frozen into place so must be drilled out

Posts drilled out of peghead
Ready for a new plan

Sidewall artwork heavily degraded


Pulling frets,will go in with full width 147 fret wire

Rim Disassembly

The floral skirt finish will be completely removed

Scuffed to 220#

Inside and outside of all wood stripped

Sealing, and first coat of finish added to rim and resonator

Neck- frets completed,stripped and sealed
Ready for detail

Filling the carvings with vermillion

Now it will darken with the tint coat.

Tint complete. Clear from here on out.

Metal re-finish

Flanges are degraded and I will buff them all smooth, then refinish with a gold leaf enamel, not a re-plating

After buff/prep/re-coat

Now for the tailpiece and armrest

Vintage high grade calfskin head

Tension hoop, rim skirt and armrest were all buffed to high shine and coated with brass lacquer, formulated for metal, like goes on Trumpets and other horns.

Resonator still taking on wet sanding/finish coats, as is the neck

Since all the orig gold tuners were shot, I will take a nice set of nickel ones and prep them for gold metallic.
I will re-use the MOP buttons


Setup on GHS strings furnished by
Original Paramount bridge
Tone is clear up and down, with that 20's Ragtime sound

I have not finished the wet sanding and buffing of resonator yet.