John's B&D Montana Plectrum

Parts are Silver plated, not nickel

Fingerboard markers worn and frets are torched
Celluloid shows crazing due to gassing.
Will re-fret and dress up the markers with color.

Someone drilled a 5th peg, and someone else plugged it well
It can only be hidden with a colored finish

Neck finish and rim show signs of being done by Richelieu.
That Yellow color is indicative of a prior resto by them
New finish will be applied after a full strip.

Celluloid on back and rim side wall are not crazed

Celluloid on back overlay is toasted, gassed completely out.
Finishing over celluloid can accelerate this and it appears that has happened

Dowel was added to for some reason.

Richelieu tailpiece, not original.

Hardware is oxidized.

C. Richelieu engraved this one himself.

Ready to begin cleaning

Rim has been "Decked" for whatever reason
It appears that the addition is beveled and goes up inside the ring.
It tried for 30 min with various methods and tone ring will not come off.
So rim will receive no finish on the inside.
It appears that the tone ring inside lip was also shortened.

Rim assembly

All cleaned and waxed, new REMO head, bottom frosted


All celluloid blocks are loose, and must be sealed down

One left to seal

Fret slots prepped for modern wire

All frets sealed and ends trimmed, ready for leveling and polishing

Painting the detail

Adding the clear protectant

Removing the finish

Now to get all I can off this overlay so I can do some conservation work


All finish removed, sanded, prepped for sealer

Sealer coat has a "Fish Eye" issue
Thanks again, to all of you that use "Fast Fret" and "Fingerboard Lubes"
This is what you leave a future re-finisher.
Now to go dig out my can of "Fisheye eliminator"
That will form a barrier coat to offset the silicone intrusion.

Have had this since the late 1900's :)
A few drops at a time, it lasts.

After a thin coat with FE Elim, and a coat of clear, scuffed, repeated, I think I am on top of them now.
So its scuff and light coats of clear so that I do not left the barrier with a heavy coat.

Barrier coat and white coat complete

Tint coat and clear coats completed.
I air brushed it to look "Faded" on purpose.

That is more like a celluloid with patina .
Now to wet sand and mount it up.



I will let it settle in a bit then check the setup.
Tone is like a Silver bell should be, so know its just the fine tuning.
It is another example of going only to a point that is prudent, and stopping.
When these warhorses come in all scarified it is satisfying to me to just make them as pretty as I can, and play as well as they can.
SO ....maybe it will just go to a player that loves playing and not staring at every single blemish.
Let's see how you look and play when you are 80+ yrs old :)

Thanks for watching,Vinnie