J Loyd
TB00 Conversion
Maple Rim, Maple resonator
Neck by Ron Coleman (mahogany)
Inlay by Clifford Seales
Rim cut by FQM
Orig OPF
60s Gibson zinc tension hoop
Prewar armrest
Ryan  flat head tone ring
Prewar tension nuts/New hooks
Renaissance head

Fretting with #147 wire

After sealing /leveling/crowning/dressing/polishing frets.
Oiling the board 3 times

I had a Gibson hoop from a 69s 250
The zinc will make it much more correct for the period.
30s Gibsons used zinc hoops as well.
I steel wooled it to gibe it some patina

Prewar rest showing brassing after I aged it on buffer then steel wooled it..

Stickering up

Went ahead with the number set I had

Tint coats applied (3 colors)
Next to orig finish neck
Trying to make the mahogany look like the maple
Its a little more reddish but as close as I can get

Starting the clear

I will be adding clear for a few days with sanding in between until I achieve the smoothness I wish.

Neck finished and buffed to high shine, tuners installed

One last board oiling to go

Mounted up

Strung on JD's
Opted for a long Kershner for now.
9/16 Grover bridge for now


Playing well already, without any tweaking
I will let it settle in and let the paint cure a day or two while I work it over






Now to see if JL likes it and finds it suitable for his playing needs
Thanks for watching