Jack's Fender Artist Plectrum

Remove old finish
Add Carving
Add Inlay
Add engraving
Refinish with detail in carving




 Strip banjo

 inlay MOP in the open center space on front of peg head 

  Re-plate or gold paint where you deem necessary

 look for an old Grover pick holder or an Richelieu re-pro (pick-a-hoy) pick holder (paint or re plate gold )

Ron Raymer  

1.-heel carving, rear peg head carving, resonator carving  (already discussed with you)

2.- engraving: a) - blk. truss rod cover on front peg head with my initials J.J.M. in gold lettering

                          b)-engrave all existing MOP on the banjo to give them more definition and clarity

                          c)-engrave Y O L O on the 7th or 10th fret  (you can decide were it will look best )

                          d)-engrave " ARTIST " on front peg head (center mop) that you have to inlay there in fancy lettering (like a old theater marquee sign look)

***Refinish neck and resonator, with detail tint in carving

 ***Setup rim ( NO REFINISH) put on clear head

*** put on my new 1/2 bridge (it's in the storage compartment of the case, in a small leather case )

  ***  put position markers on the left side of neck ( I am left handed )

*** make new nut - re-string for left handed playing C-G-B-D

Setup with low action
Dress frets, oil board, etc




No effect with Methyl Chloride, not good.
This means either an epoxy or resin coating

That smell is Polyester resin, no doubt.
This will be a journey

It is at least 20 mils thick, that is the thickness of gel coat on a boat.

I am using a drum sander and 80 grit, my shop is filling with resin particulate...grr!

I am not taking it from this area, only where Ron needs to be.
That area alone is easily 2 hours.

Starting on the resonator

Let this be a testament, this is the last Fender, or any other poly resin coated instrument I will refinish!
Look at the amount of offal.

Jack, you better get an asbestos wallet.

Only the tan, is the beginning of wood
That is only one half.
Shop is covered in it.

One low spot left, the veneer is so thin I have no room for error.

See on the edge, one spot came thru after all that

In cannot be more than an 020" veneer to begin with and I was lucky to only have one sand-thru.
So when Ron gets it, there will be alot of backing showing when he carves it out, lets hope and I do mean HOPE, for a good outcome.

Now for the final worry, the sidewall
After this, I will do the one inlay and get the wood off to Ron.
And blow out the shop!
If I sound like a guy that gave up a successful fiberglass business because he hated Polyester resin, it would be the truth.


Inlay installed for the Art Deco "Artist" to be engraved by Ron

This will be the font for the inlay


Rim assembly cleaned of all old lacquer
Hardware polished
No plating will be done

Set up will be left handed
New 5 star clear head

Parts return from carving and inlay engraving
Ron Raymer

The white areas are the backing, the Fender walnut veneer is very thin,an you cannot help cutting into the under-layment.
I will use an aniline dye, thinned with alcohol.

Inlay engraving is nice and tasteful.
Ron had very little to work with because this is not really inlay, it is shell veneer and super easy to blow out.

Starting on the dyes. and wiping in clear lacquer to blend.

I'm working on a sort of Tooled Leather" loo, with Ron adding all of that nice stippling its hard not to.

That is after its all detail tinted and a wash coat of walnut to blend it all back in.

Now for some clear coats to make it pop

Adding "lefty" side markers
1/16", wide spacing at 12 to match the other side.

I will take this MOP truss cover and flip it.
I will have Ron engrave "JJM" in a script that goes with the theme

Truss cover back from Ron
Just what we wanted


I will hand buff that carving so as not to load it with buffing compounds

One fresh coat of clear over the old poly-resin to make it shine again, new felt installed


Setup left handed, settling in with the 1/2 shop bridge on it, will change it out and finish the setup, post final pics.
Left handed setup is not easy if you are not lefty oriented, you can only set some parameters and try to get it close as you can