John Mc's
BD Senorita Tenor
Upgrade custom theme

Removing frets, old yellowed finish
Some graved lines are already worn

Now off the back

removing the layers of decorative filler and paint from carvings

I will wait her to speak with Jack about the lack of interest by my outside contractors to do anything at a reasonable fee, for such a project.
We have decided that it was cost effective to just go back though the neck and have me do some detail painting and a fret job.
This will give it a fresh look and a good playability.

Graving in some missing lines
 Old celluloid very brittle, so will be extra careful

Blackening the lines with jeweler's wax

Am using a combination of solid and iridescent paints

Coming along, will have a few lines to touch up

Using a Sand color that sparkles for the stippled area

Sealer coat applied, 2 more and then fret work


Stew mac 147 banjo wire
Sealed with cyano, leveled, crowned, polished, ends dressed.
Neck is nice and flat, it should be ok without having the rim here to do the setup, fingers crossed on that as always.

I will see if this is going to be OK with Jack and if so i will go ahead and wet sand and buff the neck.

I hope this "Budget job" does a good job as a player as well and giving it a little more fresh of a look.
Thanks for watching,