Restore with plating (SILVER)
Acme Plating Co.

Refinish wood
Setup to play

Banjo was setup with orig finish and plating and is in good playing condtion

Plating and parts on left will not be going, this will be partial plating

Headed to Acme Plating Co.

They will do a beautiful job.


Full stripping

Tinted and sealed

Taking on clear

Now for the neck

I scuffed the tint back off the carving to give dimensionality
Taking on clear

Stripped rim, and retinted
Taking on clear


Excellent job as usual.
Thanks Bob and Priscilla

It looks like my Grandma's Silver Service!!!
So differnt than a Nickel look.

This is the tedium involved with plating small parts.
We place some extra effort on Plater's with all of our tiny parts!


New 1100 M6 REMO Renaissance head, courtesy www.bedfordbanjoshop.com
Repro Mute Handle from Tom Camp

Flange attached, lets get the neck on it

All looks good, let's set it up

GHS Strings, courtesy www.bedfordbanjoshop.com

I have it on a Bacon bridge for first setup

Nothing is brighter, in my opinion

Very delicate thin design, one of the pretty bridges of the past days

All wierd shadows on the back from stuff on my celing

Tuners working well, it was good not to have them plated and risk failure.

It's easy to tell Silver from Nickel, I cannot take a picture that does not GLARE!
I will try some outside shots
A little tweaking here, and then some more with Jan in Eureka Springs, this thing should be a very good player.

Thanks for watching,Vinnie