1920s Wm.Schmick "Lyric"

Repair and upgrade as needed  to play

Rim assembly is in need of supports and hardware
Add Banjolin style Tailpiece with cover
Replace original frets with 147 wire
Add Side markers
Replace tuners with geared tuners
Setup CGDA

I have owned 6 Schmick's
4-5 and 6 string and a Banjolin in the lot
They are crude and simple and have their own set of challenges.
Thankfully I have seen most of them

Fingerboard is exc.
Frets are Bar wire, no wear at all

Peghead was repaired once, friction tuners were buried, causing cracking and are not long for this world.

Dowel is tight
Supports will be made to go back onto the resonator in the same locale that they were original
You can see one pattern on the sidewall in this pic

Luthiers are held to a higher standard, on the heel cuts of today!

I just happened to have 2 original Schmick support which is not strange, I have worked on over 10 of them now and that is alot, is Schmick world!
So I will find some scrap wood and make two more

One will be from a broken Silver bell peghead...fancy :)

OK, lets mount them

2 have to have a slanted side to butt against the rib

Since I am a Schmick fan myself, I signed it.

After adjusting the supports with gluing on wood shimming or  by support reduction, Im at the level I wish to be now

Pulling frets

No retention, to barbs on the tangs, plain old T Wire
This means all the slots must be widened to modern width for barbed wire

You can pick them out with your fingernail, no need for fret pliers
 And people wonder where the tone goes  eh Jurg?
That's one place, many banjos have loose wires and are never sealed down.

New wire has a barbed tang to help retain the wire

All pulled

going in with 147 Stew Mac

Relief cut for insertion  without binding removal

I have to cut all the slots by hand, keeping the tool sharp, you can see the ebony peeling out.
Pinched hard in the vise so you do not pull thru the binding, a must

That's the size diff in the slot
It would have been way too compressed leaving them thin

After using compression, Ill hammer over the heel and the 2 fret extension

Sealing the wire with #10 Stew Mac

Taking off the ends



2 stage end dressing

0000 fine wool over it all

oiling up a hungry board

ready for side markers

then will be peghead repair and some fresh finish

I got 99 percent of the neck stain out up top
1 coat of sealer

We will stop here and choose tuners before I go further, Ill need to ream holes to whatever size

I have added an 020 shim under the extension which has a dip in it, this will cant the neck ever so slightly,to help neck angle
We will try this before aggressive measures.

Added the tailpiece and everything is stable
Decent neck angle, all Im trying for is 1/2"
Head has been adjusted several times, holding well, Ill tweak it as needed
You never know on a new skin if it will settle in quick or if it will be bad in humid areas.
I will try my usual tricks on it when I set it up to help it retard moisture

The ABM tuners are too short to show enough thread to start the hex nut, I will have to try Gotoh and ream to the larger hole

Just barely!
Man, is that a thick peghead at the base.

You can see how much taller they are on top.

Adding a few more coats to everything, just a production finish, nothing fancy.
All back apart for that process.

Ok its all tuned up and playing quite well.
It can be very low action at 1/2, normal at 9/16 now
The 32 and the 11 work well for some power on the shorter scale, without too much tension
I like the tone, its bright and snappy with the head all tight.
Now to get her back home to make some tunes!
Schmick's are fun, it was awelcome change.
Thanks for watching,Vinnie