KC's Blueridge Tenor Guitar
20 fret - 23" scale
  Radius fingerboard to 12"
Medium Guitar fret wire
Simple inlay theme
Install custom pick guard with Fox inlay

These are very nice guitars for the price range.
Lets go ahead and destroy a part of that beauty TO GET WHAT WE WANT!

Getting ready for heat removal
Lest hope it is fish glue or hide glue

The mirror finish is a polyester resin, not lacquer.
Very brittle and hard to work with, I will do as little damage as I can

Always remember to slice thru the finish at the board or you will see horrible results, it will pull wood like a madman.

The only ironing you can get me to do!
Hell, I thought it was flat but it has a slight radius.

20 min, getting results

Moving slowing,, only a little wood chipping that I can hide in new finish

This was a non permeable tape that inhibited glue from the truss cavity, good thinking.
Truss works perfectly because of it.
I will emulate that.


New Split square inlays set "Diamond" style (one added at 19)
Board radiused to 12"-14 " compound , starting refret using prebent nickle silver fret wire.

Ready to install

Neck cured 1 week
Radius leveled, 12" to 14" on the last 5 frets.
Re- crowned , will finish setup and let it set in a few days before final fret polishing


Ends dressed, truss set, checking action
Radius on Nut and Saddle  12" - 14"
Board oiled, needs some more

Ready for final steel wool and fret polishing
Plays well up and down the board, the radius is working as it should.
It seems so far, like the experiment is a success.

  Now to rebuild the finish seal from neck to fingerboard

It will be hand work, I do not want to refinish over the poly resin finish, just reseal the edge.
probably 10 coats with fine sanding in between and a light buff.

Pick Guard

Nice inlay from De Paule

Set on the old plastic guard to show where it will live.

Laminating 2- .020" ebony veneers
I use wax paper to keep things from sticking

Traced for the scroll cut

Sanded to 800, ready to rout a cavity

Routed and filled, ready to press

After press,  pull the wax paper again.

Cleaned and smooth, ready for finish

After a couple of coats I set it down onto the body for a look.
I will do 6 more coats, buff and attach it to the body.

Decided I couldn't live with all of the tiny little dings in the finish on the neck so I went commando on it.
Pulled hardware, scuffed, and began new clear coats and wet sanding until its back right.

About 2-3 coats a day in this weather is possible, it will not take long.

Neck finish completed and hand buffed for now.
Will hit it on the machine buff in 2 days.
All body buffed and waxed
Pick Guard is complted and ready to wet sand/ buff and install with contact cement.

Guard is attached, Strap button reattached  she will be ready after a final neck buff.
Strung up on GHS 30-24-14-10 Bronze.
Nice tone, easy to play.
We will let "The Maestro" down in Boerne play it out for KC and see if it passes muster.
Even with the fact that we did little or nothing that we intended to do, it has still been a fun and challenging project.
I'm hoping it makes KC use it a little more oft which was the crux of the original plan.
I will add a few more pics on my white background after final tweaks.
Thanks for watching,