Randy's Slingerland Maybell Tenor

Determine condition and report.

Initial Pics

Good original example,. low playing time
Head is old, needs replacement

This model was the second banjo I owned in my life.

High action, neck is wobbly, dowel is loose

Side markers are a suggestion

Heel contact is good, action will lower when dowel is re-set.

Fingerboard is Pear wood, very fragile stuff when its this old.
Frets are original "Bar" wire, recommend 147 Stew Mac wire for comfort.
Then they should be sealed in with CA to get good retention in the Pear wood.

Presto tailpiece, vintage, but unbranded.
Riveted cover is superior to the original style dimpled cover.

Mortise is over sized, will shim tight on re-set

Fish glue is my choice.
Strong, reversible, and if you are in a pinch, edible.

Will clean and scuff tenon, and tenon hole.

Plenty of dowel angle on this one, now for some cure time.

Fret work

Taped of to impede chipping
Ready to pull wire

The old wire was leveled in the past and is at its limits.
The 147 has a round crown and more 'meat on the bone"

Compression fretting,  it is Pear wood so you cannot pressure the wire with the clamp or you will smash into the degraded wood.
Normal for this procedure.
The wire pulled well, there was minimal chipping.
Without the tape, it would be a disaster.

Only needed a slight leveling, its a nice flat board.
ready to re-crown, polish, add side markers

I like to leave them long so I can find them in the dark...

...but for Randy, I'll trim them.

This is not how this armrest mounts, it has 2 missing brackets, I will search my cache for some.
There are supposed to be two more hook sets, and the brackets span 2 shoes each and the armrest posts mount in them.

All assembled with the shimming to tighten up the dowel  in place.
Shim wood is important when you are working on production banjos of this era.
Stuff dries out and was not always made perfect.
New Tailpiece is here and will replace the non adjustable Presto.

Its all nice and tight and until someone takes it apart.
The shims are all held in place with yoke and back plate.
Now when the head arrives from Bedford Banjo Shop, I will go forth with the setup.