Lou's Vega Neck Workpage

Broken Peghead
 Repair to play


8 hours in clamps

a little color to hide the break, I will be tinting the entire area with a fade


3/32 solid brass rod that is ran at an angle as so to catch the neck as well as span the break, all the way to up under the peghead overlay



Recessed and glued into place

pearwood dust


  a little stain over the repairs

Tinted over repairs

Taking clear coats

Almost back to where we were on the back finish, 1 more wetsand and coating

The front is repaired, dyed and I have about 4 more sandings/ coats here but its going to be hard to see the repairs without magnifiers.

All inlays blackened


I don't know what you mean about tuners, this is a matched set of 1920s Planet's with matching spanner nuts

I measured what you had on it, but did not put an 11 on the D string it felt way to light
Change it if you want on next change
Strings courtesy of  www.bedfordbanjoshop.com

Buffed some of the light scratches on resonator

Tuned to pitch, no issues

It's settled back in and ready to go back home



Thanks for watching