Bill Manos
B&D Silver Bell #3 Tenor

 Repair armrest
General cleanup - polish hardware
get Digital tuner


Original banjo in fair to good condition with heavy playing wear and normal signs of age
Armrest is broken off on one mount, needs resoldering

Finish os worn and checking, recommend total refinish with fretting and plating

Engraved patterns and rings on back in fair cond.

No heel breaks, carving is normal

Lots of stuff flying in case, I will police that

Skin head is pulled near max, recommend Remo Renaissance for modern setup


Strings held by the adjusters instead of the string holders, may affect tuning
i will place them where they go.

Mute has additional lock nuts

That looks like a backlash eh?

getting ready to clean the metalwork

First I 'll pull all of the frets

They feel loose, the slots will need some stiffening up

Sealing the slot edges, I may have to pull the binding and deepen them if this doesn't stabilize them

Waiting on a new shipment of fret wire, I have ran myself plum out this month
It's in good company

Resoldered armrest mount

Buffed the armrest and hand cleaned all other hardware

Hand cleaned residue from tone ring, ready to setup rim
Rim cleaned and waxed
Hardware waxed

Original head re-installed and at tension

I took an arbor and wedge and pushed up the flattened spot on the flange

Ready to go

ready for frets

StewMac 147 wire will be used

Compression fretting in these old slots is essential

ready for sealing

All sealed in and ready to level

Frets leveled and polished
All excess sealer removed and Im oiling and steel wooling the board

Ready to reinstall

The bridge that came on it is a little tired, so I deemed this instrument worthy of something from the "old bridges" drawer

An original Bacon marked bridge from that period, 2 footed

They do not come around every day, and it is one of my favorite old factory bridges that gives the old tyme sound.

Ready to tune down and stow it away

Head is marked where the intonation os correct .for the bridge

The banjo plays well with a full powerful projecting tone, one of the best Silver Bells that has passed thru this shop
Some just have it better than others!
I hope Bill likes it and that it gives good service, after a couple days of settling in, I will send her on back home
Thanks for watching, Vinnie

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