Lea/Karnes Silver Bell #2 Plectrum

Replate, repair as needed



Finish is still VG, clean/buff.wax

Fret wear evident, need refret

Interesting rim cut

Silver plating wearing thru in several places on flange and tension hoop.
I will find out what we are going to do on plating and if we are going back with actual Silver or just nickel
#2s came with Silver but they tarnish and wear faster than nickel.

Went thru all the frets, replaced what was needed and now I'm leveling recrowning, polishing, oiling

Also, they are all now sealed in the slots and not wiggling around

Bad news, "Fisheyes" from silicone contamination from either cleaners or "String ease" something for this nature.
It will take a barrier coat of Fisheye eliminator and then a shellac barrier to be able for the new topcoat to lay down.
I will wipe this off right now before it dries at all, no biggie.

Scuffing down to get some of the buckle rash out, then a few fresh topcoats of clear.
Nothing can be done about the concentric ring binding that is cost effective
What would need to be done is a new back created with new rings.
This is what happens when you try to lathe older wood veneers, it got away from them.
Been there done that, did not get a paycheck for it.

Montrose CO.

Wonderful rich "Wedding ring" Gold and a super job of prepping the metal
Parts look "Better than new"

Now to get to the assembly phase

Went with Remo Clear for the setup phase, in case Dave wants to see the inside now thats its all shiny
The armrest was not buffed on top per my request, so as not to lose any of the engraving.
You can either buff and lose detail, or live with a few scratches and keep detail until you finally wear thru the new Gold and then the detail, and go thru it all again!.
After a few weeks of playing they all look" broken in."

Everything got a fresh coat of wax and then a polish
No refin on resonator inside

The gold is really adhered well on the hardware and it looks great.
Thanks ACME.

Neck buffed and waxed, feels nice and slick like a Lacquer finish.
Mute is actuating well.

Strung and tuned to pitch after tightenng the head on up
Nice and bright tone, really clear between notes, I like the sound of this banjo
Setup on Farquhar 1/2 bridge at a 4-5/32" action at the 22.
Strings supplied by www.bedfordbanjoshop.com

I will let her settle in and get some final adjustments before sending her home to CO.

Colorado banjo with Colorado plating, I didn't see that one coming!
I know Dave will put some miles on her like he has in the past and I hope it passes his muster.
Thanks for watching