Barry Grant's

"Metallika Vox"
1960s Vegavox 1 Tenor

Project bought on Reverb
Broken neck- make into something fun.
Candy apple red finish, with clear coat
Decals, Stones, plenty of flash for the cash

Crack in heel cap barely visible

Scuffing the celluloid

This will be the base coat
Inside resonator will be silver metallic

It will change when clear gets on it

Still thin, can see thru it, will go with more sparkle coats

Getting on with the neck after repaired break .

Clear coats going on


All cleaned hardware, rim shot with color and clear, saved the label

Clear head to show the inside

Barry sent some water-slides he wants added on, its a Party banjo.

First the silver inside, and clear over it
Now to get the decals on

One for the back, adding the clear over it

Stones for the peghead, used Barry's old Gibson truss cover I have been saving for such a day, added a couple stones there too.
Flat back, faceted, glued on , no wood damage

Some memory pics on the outside periphery and a coat of  clear to protect it,
will add stones to it.

It's getting there!

Now for final clear coats on the resonator

Had an old western shirt button, it fit the circle so...

Ready to string up


Added  same stones to inside decal, and outside the bolts, on the flange.

Banjo plays well, very Voxy.

The metal flake does not photo well with my skills, it is a much deeper richer look in person

Thanks to my pal Barry for making me do something fun, now it can get back to work.

Thanks for watching,Vinnie