Work page 11-17
Cap'n Mike's  Silver Bell 1 parts
Neck-Rim-Resonator Back
Heat neck- rebuild fret slots-
Pull and reset dowel to proper angle
Re-fret-refinish-re-bind-marker dots
Address all issues that affect playing.

Dowel pulled for reset Frets out, binding off, slots sealed

Leveling CA with fret leveler, it takes the glue, not the wood

First BD ever seen here, with a Ser# in peghead reverse, that matches the others in the rim. Strange.
Repairing one tuner hole

Stripped, dowel pulled for reset

Peg head has silicone intrusion, will barrier and then add finish


Ready to strip Back and rim

Some old single stage urethane is my guess, came off in a sheet.

Ready for color

Someone tried to solder a lug on the flange with back still on, seen it several times

Ready for binding, I have to deepen binding channels, last restorer sanded too much

Sealing peghead with #10 CA. to block out silicone.

Slotting to depth for 147 wire

Adding ivoroid binding
BD used 2 sides and an end piece, I will roll it around in 1. Using heat for the bends

Adding side markers, 2 at 12

Compression fretting

Sealing wire in with #10 CA

Using "Bernard pliers" to compress on the extension, the jaws are made to press flat objects

Sealing up the last little divots with #20 black

After it dries, you shave it flat wit ha razor, and then 0000 steel wool to satinize .

Some oil for the board, ready to dress frets
Will stop here and go to tinting

Reddish Brown is the choice

With all pieces tinted and a shot of clear, ready to go to the "Finish Line"