Mr. Buddy Griffin
"The Man with the Banjo"
Inducted into the "Banjo Hall of Fame" - 2006

Vegavox 4 WORK PAGE
Go thru banjo and lovingly fix all issues.

It's my pleasure to finally be able to work on Mr.Buddy's Vegavox 4 tenor!

That's him on the 2nd row far right, Mane of hair FLOWING!
My good friends Burke and Gloria Murdock and a young John Huntsberger at the top

And the young man on the top right is Tyler Jackson!
No one has been more "Instrumental" than Mr. Buddy, in keeping Youth interested in 4 string banjo and Ukulele

Here they are performing together with the Jubilee Banjo Band in the  late 1990's

And one of Tyler and his sister Lindsay at one of the Guthrie festivals.
The irony is I am working on Tyler's Vox 3 pictured here, and on this link, at the same time I have Mr.Buddy's Vox 4!
Now that's cool.

A good shot of them with Tyler's old Martin Vox IV and the Vox I am working on

They all grow up!
This is a pic from TJs wedding with some well known and 1 not well known musicians in the pic.
The one guy you do not see is Mr. Buddy who is RIGHT UP FRONT in the audience.
Sitting right in front of me, and making me NERVOUS!


 Me and my grandson Silas.
Silas is getting his "Book Larnin'!

Mr. Buddy playing 3 banjos


Deering Banjo Blog on the Youth Band


Mr. Buddy went to the Vega factory and bought this banjo from the Nelson Bros.
My Father Buster was a good friend of the Nelson's.
He was a Tenor player as was my Grandfather, and came from East Boston.
Vega was a daily name in our household.

Its had a refinish over the years on the neck that is holding up well.

Original Kluson tuners

Richelieu Tensionator tailpiece

Fingerboard has suffered from refrets, I will fix all of that up nicely and redarken the inlay gravings


Neck is up a tad, I will adjust the truss and neck angle adjusters to bring the action back down.

That's about 1/16 too tall

We love to write in Vegavox's!
Tyler says its because all that Maple is irresistible!
Man, what a history, this thing has been everywhere in the world.

A few touchups on the resonator, I will make sure its not delaminating anywhere


Well, if I needed a sidewall, Id have one that's from the factory!
My thanks to Dan E. for sharing one of his NOS sidewalls with me, I may never use it but its "Braggin rights" !
Now lets get to work.

The fingerboard is suffering from years of hard playing and refrets as well as silcone contamination from "Fast Fret".
So the slots are beat up and mushy and must be stabilized first
Binding is also loose up and down the treble side

Truss is out a little so I will bring the neck down before working on it

All this old repair compound is mushy from Fret Ease, I will gouge it all out and repair these areas as I go up the board

Sealing with #10 cyano

Each time I relevel I get more of the divots filled

All filled, now for some wool

Blackening the graved lines with Laskins

The board will not take any oil, the silicone is permeated thruout.

Fret leveling, they are pretty up and down with one real low at 3

After recrowning, dressing the ends

And then a polishing

The nut needs reworking so off it comes

All ready for neck adjustments

Rim was repaired up front at some juncture, like it has been broken out in this area.
Rods are improperly adjusted and pushing hard on the rim causing it to be stressed

I will loosen everything and go thru the sequence required for this style Vox

Down to the Allens and then we will have it


It is down from 6/32 to 4/32 at the 109 and playing well.

Strung with OME tenor set, CGDA

Banjo is noting well up and down, I feel it is ready to be tested by Mr Buddy.

Its been an honor to work on it, now I get to find out if I get a good or bad review in "The Resonator"!!!
And I do not mean the Newsletter!
Thanks to Mr Buddy Griffin for everything he has done to keep banjo alive and I hope he gets pleasure from his old Ship of the Line Vegavox again
Thanks for watching