My first resto

B&D Silver Bell #1,#14390

Bacon and Day Silver

This Silver Bell is what started me off on this journey down banjo lane.

I purchased it at a local flea market for 200.00,and ran like a thief in the night out the door with it!

I was scared to death that I would mess it up,so I really didnt get into it too far.Glued a few bindings,polished it up,lacquered it up and such, then sold it for a goodly sum.

I used the money to buy all of my basic tools,books, and to start my shop.

 That seems like yesterday still, and I never got over it leaving,just as I am now about them all.

You never get to do all that you want to do to one,and with one improvement,there is always another to do.

Bacon and Day was not a household name,like Stromberg and Vega,but I was very pleased with it and its noting capabilities.So sweet and yet powerful,combined with the beauty and grace that was crafted into it.

I know that modern day banjos,with their innovations,are much more advanced,built upon the foundations of craftsmen that earned an average salary of 50-100.00 per mo.

These men and Women were struggling just to earn enough to feed their families,but were still able to put out some exceptional works,with extensive marquetry,and exceptional construction,with the tools and technology that came from these times,sometimes under extreme conditions.

It shows the will and determination that made this country great,and it makes me proud that my family was part of that heritage,and makes me happy to be a continuance of that proud heritage.

Let the Banjer ring on,loud and long

Didn't get too many pics,as I wasn't thinking about posterity at the time,but here's how it turned out



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