Barry Grant's

Plating Service


Take no heed, this man can be trusted!


Company Meeting
Finding out where production problems are coming from!

And this is why!!!!


Using the most current technology, Barry can produce an excellent finish that is sure to "brighten" your banjos outlook on life
Barry is a practicing banjoist himself and knows what it means to take care of your instrument.


We recognized a need to have plating available to us after realizing that such a "lag" time can occur from other services whose workloads have increased and are pushed to capacity all of the time.
This can cause problems during restorations, making for a lengthy repair schedule.
We can cut this time roughly in half now that Barry has taken on the plating "in house"
This will surely please our customers to get a nice finished out piece in a reasonable amount of time.
He has spent many hours preparing, and all of the pieces that he has now done for me are "wowing" the owners  and that pleases us to no end.


Vega engraved flanges, taken from brass to nickel.
Pics do not show the brilliance, and depth
These went on my Dads "Artist"


Dr.John Huntsbergers Vega"Deluxe", and Jeff Riddick's Vox 3
fresh from the "Vat"