Barry Grant, In the "Haven" !!

At long last, my good friend and fellow banjo conspiritor, Barry Grant, had flown in from AZ, for a visit.

We had three days in which to spend our time as best we could so we first went to my Dad's and played some banjo but were so wrapped up we forgot a camera!
Such is life, I guess
It was a good visit and Dad was up to the task and even taught Barry a couple of things.

But now, we are back at work in the "Haven"

Barry is searching out his Mom a tuner for a banjo I gave her while I was in AZ.
She has been practicing so much that she blew out a D tuner!
I am glad to know she is putting it to good use and complementing her fine piano work with a little razzmatazz banjo!

That's me caught in the act on my Stromberg Marimba.
My regular banjo grimace prevails, as usual!

Could that be a real chord, and not "staged"??
Well yes it is since Barry was making me play for him.

I'm not smiling....I am singing!
Well, a feeble attempt, is more like it.
Too much Tx accent
Barry is kind...and tolerant.....or deaf...I cant tell :):)

Now "Mr. Cool", he has no problem setting the fingerboard on fire.
In 1981, (When he was a young whippersnapper), he was the Indiana State Banjo Champ.
The only tenor, in a sea of 5 string players!!!!
He says the judges felt sorry, but with a Rousing rendition of "Back Home in Indiana" / "TheStars and Stripes Forever", he was able to bring the house down on the 5 string lot..
It just goes to show that when folks actually hear good tenor banjo, they respond accordingly.

It looks so easy when he does it!

Now this is a sight!
Me.......learning five string, which BG is also quite proficient at, although he will not readily admit some circles!!
He has taught me the "Forward roll"
Me, not being used to such athletics, became quite disoriented, and was soon "Seasick", just watching my fingers to the work!!!!!
BG just says....yur doin great.....(Pity)
My 5 string friend, "Wolf", gave me the "Big Ernie" shirt, and I was hoping to draw power from it no avail.
My Lyric sounds pretty good tho...(When Barry plays)


But I have'nt yet mastered the "5 stringer look"
Scary,,,,isn't it?

I must be catching on!!


Now BG is on my Skinhead Marimba, working on a pick attack that suits it.
Here where I can gain some ground on him!