1951 Guild X350

Work to perform
Contracted work

Replace binding as needed (GASSED)
5 piece binding
.010" W/B/W/B short with .060" -White full width
Replace\broken switch base
7 layer (fabricate from proper materials)(Shipping damage)
Replace heel cap (proper material)
Fade in flaking with no refinish.
replace end pin (Shipping damage)

Missing multi laminate short binding, will scavenge a piece or make it

Good orig finish, checked, light flaking in a few areas

Missing head stock binding, single white

Neck was rebound in the past, still OK, will dress it up

All White is gassed out, flaking off

Switch plate will be reformed from 5 layer, 7 layer is not cost effective and must be spec ordered.


Peeling the white full binding

Looking for what I need here

Plate scribed and ready to cut

Controls are dirty, will "De-Oxit"

Retention nuts are SOLDERED, ...great, thanks Guild!

All this is old and brittle, care must be taken

Where the knobs are at now, for reference

Since it would ruin the old rubber bushing to heat that solder I will cut off the screws and start over

Cleaning the old grime


New one scraped to profile
I used old scratched up material to match the patina of the old one
Ready to use old one to drill out new holes

Ready to install

Some amber tint sparsely used on edge  to recreate patina

Side shrinkage on multi lam, must be addressed, will pull it loose and use the end piece for repair material.

This much is hidden by the wide white so I can rob it and it will not be seen

I got that far with that piece one side and a piece of the back

Dug in old stuff found a suitable piece I can trim down

Trimmed, tinted

Ready for heel cap and  full width outside white on top and bottom

All binding and heel cap completed and scarped to profile
Now I am matching the older patina that exists on side binding and F hole binding
very light vintage maple

Cutting, heating and installing peghead binding
It has to be poly, no one is making this thickness in celluloid unless you make a big order for it.

Adding the patina

Re-attached tailpiece

New end pin


You can see orig finish in Fhole for comparison

I pulled the tuners/tuner cover, lightly machine buffed what parts of the body and neck I could

A little age for the end pin....that does it

Bridge and old switch plate in case.

Ready to go in for approval
  Thanks for watching,Vinnie