Rare Collector Grade Instrument
Paramount "Artcraft "
19 fret tenor

1931 Paramount Banjo was originally owed and played by Verner Hugo Sward.  Verner bought the banjo in 1931 and founded the group called "Blue Ridge Mountain Boys".  The band was founded in the last 1920's and was based out of Magnolia Park California.  Verner and the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys recorded several records, one that is present with Banjo along with a picture of him in his youth.  The Blues Ridge Mountain Boys stayed together for several years before breaking up and going in different directions.  Verner cherished this banjo as it was his pride and joy.

It's wonderful when the history can come along with the banjo.

19 fret tenor banjo
Original unrestored condition


Hardshell case is missing the top





All parts will be cleaned with sterile water and triple waxed with Renalssance

Odd...the logo is upside down on this one.

The best of the best, in my opinion when a museum quality wax is required

all small parts hand cleaned and waxed, no machine buff was used on this renovation

Orig gold is VG, with only oxidation on the tension hooks on the "Sweaty side" of the banjo

Lightly cleaned original Rogers head

a little Tung oil on the resonator and then a triple waxing


More dirt than wear on the fretboard but the wires will be replaced

all wires removed

Removing the scum before refret with 0000 wool

Going back in with Stewmac 764 wire, its thin like the original, but a nicer radius
Glueing with cyano as I go

marking the fret tops for leveling

After all the fretwork, Im filling the inlay's graved lines with the proper compund

Why am I not surprised, after all, I touched it....
Another Page bites the dust
In this instance I have a bit of luck

A Super Paramount with 3 Pages with Catalins and an oddball Elton
I'm sure the owner will not mind, he owns them both!
Its the correct color gold, and the correct Page 8 for the Artcraft
I would rather have the better of the 2 banjos correct and I'm sure the boss will as well.

I have tripled waxed the neck and will mount it back up

  After 3 coats of Tung Oil , the fingerboard is once again revitalized

Ready to setup

Repairing an original Paramount bridge, that would be the icing on this cake
I will add a little ebony to the insert and maple onto the wing, and dye the repair to match.

Now thats a nice detail to have back on her.



Its been a pleasure to work on a time capsule such as this one and now it is time for Derek to FINALLY experience this himself, since he has never even touched it yet!
Nice 20s ragtime sound, clear and concise, great single string melody instrument.
Thanks for watching,