1920s Bacon and Day
"Roy Smeck Stage Model" Silverbell
Collectable model

11" Rim assembly with flathead Silverbell no hole tone ring.
Rosewood or Vermillion Neck
Maple rim / Vermillion or Rosewood Veneer
Maple resonator / Vermillion or Rosewood Veneer
(Catalogs say Rosewood, but the wood appears to be Padauk , sometimes called Vermillion which is a distant relative)
Gold Sparkle Fingerboard and Peghead overlay/Heel Cap
Rim drilled for soft pedal mute and has mute shoe...., no Mute
Worn plating on Orig. Armrest
Orig. Oettinger Tailpiece
Orig. Geared tuners
New Frets and Finish
Grover Bridge
GHS strings
 CGDA, can tune GDAE or DGBE






Banjo plays well up and down with full 1/2 to 9/16 bridges