David's Paramount Artcraft Workpage

Restore as per customer's instruction
Initial pics

I  Page tuner already changed out, I recommend them all be replaced with a dependable modern 4:1 tuner or later model Page.
These are pot metal housings and will break easily, maybe on dis-assembly.

All correct hardware inside

Havy checked Varnish, will refinish all woodwork

MOP peghead on this Artcraft.
Some fingerboard wear, needs to be addressed and refretted

These Page tuners always break off the collar in the hole, there is no way around it, they are frozen into place and brittle.

I can re-use the buttons on whatever is chosen

Will find a more acceptable replacement armrest screw.
Later model Para with scalloped skirt

Stanchions were not plated gold on this one

The later 1 piece flange


Split dowel

Glued and clamped 24 hrs

Glue-in dowel

Stripping old checked varnish
You can see it flaking, brittle.

Nice laminates hidden under the muck

Pushed out the remaining tuner collars, cleaned, ready for clear sealer then I will work on heating / fretting

rim is stripped, now the resonator.
I stopped to show the difference in old and new finish
Easy to see how much beauty is hidden by opacity.

I stripped half the back as well, then show some clear to show the true beauty.

The hardware still has some gold under the old coating but its super thin and nickel is right under that.
I will get off all of the coating I can with fine wool as shown here then if there is to be no re-plating, protect it with fresh brass lacquer.

On the flange there is some Coating/Gold/Copper flash in the wear areas.

Cleaned off.

After heat press, compression fretting

Cutting the slots to .202" instead of .023" for max compression on everything up from 12

Leveled, re-crowned, ends dressed, steel wool, fingerboard oil

Neck is flat, and now I will build in more rigidity with another process.

More on the plating

Since I could find no one in my search for new platers who will do any pre-buffing, I bought some wheels and compounds for that purpose.

I got a nice outcome, And the best I can do with the equipment I have.

Cleaning all buff compound off with acetone bath

Plater found !
Off to "Reliable" Electroplating in Mass.

It feels good to have plating coming back in again.
Thanks to Reliable for giving me a tryout.

Well packed

Nice individual packing , sign of attention to detail

 "Wedding ring" Gold, very deep looking
Couldn't be more pleased

It is BRIGHT in the shop tonight!
Coranado comes to town.

Anyone needing a top notch plating job, this will be my "Go to" as long as they will have me.
Great service, super high quality plating, quick return, and ALL of the parts returned!
And very competitive pricing, you get your money's worth.
Ask for Karen or Dale


I will keep it all clean with gloves.

Ready for a new Remo head
Will use a clear REMO medium crown furnished by www.bedfordbanjoshop.com

Now to wet sand and buff resonator
Time to get it all assembled.

REMO 1102M clear head furnished by www.bedfordbanjoshop.com

Well I am glad that this one has com to a close, we waited for a plater for quite some time and thanks to Reliable, we have gotten this one done.
Thanks to Dale and Karen for taking on our work.
Now to get it home and some playing time on it
Thanks for watching,