Barry's EagleMasterVox 2015

Refin neck, dress frets. new head

"Bathtub Gin" a Talkeetna AK favorite

Normal wear and tear for a banjo that's been played numerous times at the top of North America (Mt.McKinley)

Sometimes ......he worries me...

Not too bad, just some dressing will suffice.

time to get rid of the few pesky metric threaded bolts, they are ROUGH

I have some 10-24 NC's and some repros
Will buff armrest and Nikolas lacquer it

The Galaxy Group Vegavox rim assembly
Multi-ply, still perfectly tight, all metric.
11" Medium crown flathead tonering unlike any of the U.S.A. models

Cleaned and getting Nikolas on all the plated and unplated parts

Stripping the neck from heel to volute

One oldie broke coming out, all these  shoes need tapping

4 new repro bolts and 5 original used
The new ones are 1/4" head, and used on each side of heel and the tailpiece
Nikolas on them

Assembled on Remo 1100M2 (Bottom frosted)

Still amazed how well the sidewall paint has  survived all the climate extremes
Behlen's Rattle can finish and Deft Clear Lacquer...Sa....LUTE

Ready for a neck again

I'd better hurry, the insects are awful here...:)

Frets leveled and recrowned Redyed and taking on clear


Damn, it , someone get the spray please!

All secure and action set

Allen screws brought in just to touch and  snug the heel.

GHS 30-24-14-10 and Remo head  provided by

Plastic spacers replaced by one solid walnut spacer


Didnt have any more of the old blue stones so i used what I had

Tuned to pitch, I gotta get this thing out of here, these AK roaches are too much to handle