Ericas first banjo building
17 fret Slingerland Tenor

That haze is the ghosts of My Granpa and Chas and Elmer Stromberg so she has plenty of help!

As you can see I've learned from Kathy Lee Gifford on how to cut down on working so many hours!

The face of "True Concentration"


Rootbeer has already had enough of such nonsense!
Now..even his playmate is working.


And that's him.curled up for his nap!
He loves being covered up

And I am "Supervising"


Leveling the board


Picking a rim out

Something I NEVER do.
Draw a portrait of it afterwards!

Nor do I find a "Place of honor' for them!
Strange techniques.


Well she wants to saw those slots, but "Master" will not allow it!

And she wants to trim the wire but she isn't quite strong enough.

But she can use the fret press!

Now a little glue in the fret slots


She is trying to unscrew the shoes on a Vega Lil Wonder while acting like shes going to spray paint on the neck!
Trying to speed up production! LOL

Knocking out a few belligerent shoe screws.


Another good night's work!

Picking out buttons

Well, it was going be a REMO.............

But since Tyler went to the "skin" on the Vox.......the rest is history!


Even though it's a little weird looking!!!!

Now, for a dowel stick

Add a little color


Now shes likin it!
She's already thinking "EBAY" !!!!!

Now,we have to have a resonator!
She's gone thru the bone pile,and found an old resonator and flange,that we will make fit.
But first,a little work must be done,to get the finish to match,so she's sanding,and telling me "My Hands Asleep!"

A light coat of natural stain,to high lite the birds eyes

How many more coats, Dad?

With some "esteemed" company!

Cut to the "Chase!"
Well,we have forgone the final assembly pics,since I'm swamped with work, but here she is!





Well, after we put the banjo on Ebay we were delighted to have a very fine gentleman whose name is Shuji.
 He purchased the banjo from us.

Shuji is in Tokyo Japan and is a collector and player of fine banjos.
It was a pleasure to get to talk with him about banjos and banjo related subjects.
He was very pleased with Erica's ability and will display this banjo with pictures of Erica performing the work as an inspirational display for other children to admire.
It is very important that we teach our youth about the banjo and we should always try to help them to understand that all forms of music are important to our society.
I am very proud of her and her accomplishments.

We cannot thank you enough for being a part of this wonderful experience and I hope that you will always feel welcome as a true friend here at "Banjohaven" USA!
And thanks to all who have written us, expressing their enjoyment of this and all of our efforts to keep the banjo ALIVE!

Vinnie and Erica Mondello