Erica's Banjo Uke


Well, it was inevitable I guess.

You know a Kid when they see the "cute lil banjo",and they have to have one.

We saw this one on Ebay in poor condition but all there and servicable so I procured it and set to on the repairs.

It had an ebony fingerboard that was dry and checked completely so fingerboard replacment was a given.

I opted for a rosewood (since I had some on hand) and decided to use up some old inlays that I had from the scrapheap.

Used wide wire for the fretwork.

I changed the neck to black lacquer with a "Hammered" gold finish on the rim. The old cheesy tuners were changed for some 5stars that I had Not much peghead for these!) Drill out was tense going to a 3/8 hole.
Made it o.k.

Put some Mots on the heel and some more on the peghead with her name engraved from a peghead overlay off of a Stromberg Voisinet.

Cleaned the hardware put some new shoes on it and she's good to go.


Erica's BU

Erica's BUErica's BUErica's BUErica's BUErica's BU

Repairs and Upgrades

Erica's BUErica's BUErica's BUErica's BU

Paint Work

Erica's BUErica's BUErica's BU

Finished out

            BUErica's BUErica's BU

Erica's BUErica's BU