Joe C's Workpage
Paramount Artcraft Tenor
Refret -Restore wood-Partial re-plate


Good example of Artcraft with the MOP peghead.
Late model, scalloped trim skirt, neck angle adjuster

I will pull it down for plating and onto the bench for the wood refinish.

The Page Tuners will only be lubed, not chancing a re-plate as they are still just fine.
Things that are visible when together will go to ACME, the inside stuff is all still good.
This is the economical way to do a re-plate in gold.

Good inlay, setting next to an English "Paragon", a well designed instrument that emulates some of the Lange design

It will get a synthetic head on the reassembly

The main parts are not pitted  and should re-plate nicely.

Hooks , Armrest, Tailpiece, big parts will all go in, shoes and bolts and dome other stuff will stay.
Sending the metal off ahead of time helps me keep things in queue

Plating to go to ACME, and what is in the bag will remain here.

Stripping whatever this finish was.
Bear in mind I have been stripping finishes on everything from Planes,Trains and Cranes but have never seen one lift in sheets like this did!
Like some Poly coating, not Urethane.
That took some time, Methyl Chloride barely raised it.

Ready for new Mohawk Classic Instrument Lacquer

Rim finish complete and partial assembly

Resonator colors "pop" now that they are not hidden by Ambered finish

4 coats, 4 to go

Buffing to high shine, then some polish and wax

New Felt

That is it until plating returns.

Rim Assembly
Plating returns from

Spectacular...what a way to finish out
Thanks for all of your good work Bob and Priscilla , and I hope you enjoy retirement, you have earned it!

High quality buffing before plating, never a complaint from them about anything.
And the outcome is just wonderful
And for once , I had a wrench plated...its pretty!

I should have a head by tomorrow

All assembled on a Remo Renaissance provided by

Acme Plating, you will be missed!


Pulling old wire to install 147 Stewmac
Slots will have to be deepened and widened for the new wire

Ready to work the slots

Slots repaired, installing Stewmac 147 wire.

Trimmed and filed edges and starting on the leveling
Rim assembly is hidden from dust .


End dressing

After polishing, oiling the board

I decided that the moderate divots at 2 position be left alone.
They could be filled, and then look like filler and since they pose no playability probs, I deemed that a step to leave out.

Final oiling completed, Lacquer wet sanded and buffed ready to install

These parts were things not sent in for plating.
The tuner bodies are cast metal and too fragile to take the plating process
The other pieces are not seen, so they all got Nikolas Brass Lacquer with Gold


Ernie Balls for this setup

Remo Renaissance head provided by

Extra tie straps for resonator clips, I always tie back Paramount, its a weak design.
If you had seen as many broken fallen off resonators as I have. you would as well.

The tuner buttons as will all old MOP's is loose and I am taping the shafts for more retention, a simple fix.

Housing are nice and bright, gears greased, tuning as they should.

The dowel set is flat in this Artcraft and the last guy made a block to get the heel right for the action, perfectly acceptable and I re-used it.


Banjo plays very well with good action up and down the board.
I enjoyed working with Joe on it and I hope he enjoys playing this baby for years to come.
Now for a safe trip home!

Thanks for watching,Vinnie