Guthrie OK
Banjo Museum

 This will not be a step by step, but a page that we can see them disassembled, and back together.
I will do a couple on the public page, that is more comprehensive.

I will not bring up every minor issue, that involves normal wear and tear, or a missing part unless it is important.
If I feel there is something relavent to say, I will add it.


Eddie Ross
Paramount copy, well done.

most likely German, or UK construction
Decent work, all justa little different though

Epi "A"


Decent banjo

Weymann 150

Some are shown "waiting on Strings" but complete otherwise
Decent Banjo


Odd design, very hard to get a head on it properly

Fair Banjo


Decent Banjo
Difficult head changing on the z top tension models

Weymann 85


Another oval shaped composite rim Weymann
They are problemsome to reassemble when ovoid.
nothing can be done to help them

All these without strings are now strung up, and this actually has fair tone.
But it is egg shaped, maybe it should sit by the Washburn triangle-jo's :)

Ludwig Ambassador


Bright as all Ludwigs on plastic, they only sound good on skin (There, I had to say it)

Smeck SB

other pics did not work.
Decent Banjo

Montana 1


Good banjo

Next to Tyler's Vox

Stromberg  (Neck, Resonator,Tension hoop)

This banjo is a conglomeration of pieces

 A "Stromberg" on the surface.
Only the neck, the resonator and the tension hoop is actually Stromberg.
Stones are correct in peghead, set in "buckets"
Fingerboard was replaced somewhere down the line.

This hardware, the rhinestones in "buckets", all correct

Presto is not correct for this model, tension hoop is upside down, and these awful eagle shoes!
nice for a Civil war frailer, but a Stromberg,..even a fake one.....yuck!

Pyralin is OK, some de-lam on the side

Stones all still in place

dowel is correct, and that is all
This rim is HUGE, 7/8", archtop tonering in the Gibson style

Acorn nuts holding the shoes on.

Tension hoop is on upside down, so that it could have a surface that would line up with the shoe sets, but this wasn't done well, and many are off center
Rim contacts the resonator bottom completely shutting off all chance of tone transfer.
Poor banjo, think about selling it.
The Stromberg pieces are worth around 400 to me, as a hint.

Silver Bell 1

Decent player, good banjo

Vegaphone Professional


Good player, nice and Vegaphone-like

Weymann Style A

Good banjo, good for the collection

Paramount F

Good solid banjo
Good restoration work, a keeper

Vega Vox I

Good all around Vox, near original, missing mute, and a few non orig pieces, but a keeper