Kalamazoo KRB
Circa 1920s
Repair fingerboard divots
Replace tuners with vintage tuners
Repair peg head and add new Kalamazoo logo.
Repair resonator lug areas inside

Will use these nice Grover pancakes

Ear was re glued poorly and must be dealt with before refinish
This will remove the old logo

This area is motised out and will be filled

Fully degraded finish will be replaced with Mohawk Classic Nitro

Measuring the Logo for water-slide decal

Ready to strip and repair

All parts ready for finish


Frets pulled,ready to fill divots

Ready to fill divots after a slight leveling

Filled and final leveled

First tint color added, 2 to go

Shadow on peg head as it should be

First tint on rim/reso

After 3rd tint, its all clear from here on out

All color added, nor for more clear
4 more coats to go, will wet sand in between

Starting the re fret with 147 Stewmac

Now for some side markers, 3/32 " white

Curing for final wet sanding

Such an ugly top cut , surely hacked by someone?

Wankered... but will suffice with a brass top
Steel wool only, now I will hand polish to sheen it

Hardware all cleaned up

16 brackets.......pro vs cons, ever discussed on the Hanghout?

Now for the tap tuning

The tongue is out, the tuning is done...

Waiting on MOP

Inlay arrival

Individual pieces, always fun :)

First a sized copy on paper

That's a good close match

The MOP was very close to this.
The pieces have been glued onto an 020 ebony backer board.

Looks good I will trim it close, sand both sides flat, then dye the cavities

Glued onto peghead, ready to scribe periphery.
great MOP cutting job.

Scribed with dentist burr

Cavity routed

Blackening the cavity

Inlay set and leveled

Sealed and clear coats going on



Due to the design, 1/2 is all this thing will want to run, thats with an 020 shim
You might could crank it back another 020 and get a 9/16 but would lose some heel contact.
Anything else is major heel mods to change angle and height.
It is what it is and plays well at this bridge and action is good.
Like the old non tip on it

Nut spaced as wide as possible for the thinner Kala profile

Camera did not pick up the real beauty here, some lens flares

Ok, ready to come to the Turn in Hearne :)