Paramount Jr
Excellent Unrestored Original Example, with all the options.
Rare on a Paramount Jr.

 Rosewood Fingerboard
Frets have normal wear, and banjo plays out well, with no buzzing
Dot MOP fret markers
Scalloped Rim Shell
Muted Tailpiece
Special Neck action adjuster
Heavy one piece brass flange (No anchor shoes)
Hot dog arm rest
VG original Paramount calfskin head
Plating all in VG+ condtion

Cleanup pics
This banjo will get no refinish whatsoever,as it is "collector quality", and a hard to find example, for serious Paramount collectors.
It will be cleaned and protected, with 3 coats of "Renaissance" Wax, a "Museum restoration grade" protectant.
All metal and wood parts will be buffe, and waxed

All dissassembled and ready to clean.
There are many differences in the Para Jr, than all other Paramount banjos and it is actually quite well made, and has many attributes that are in many ways superior to its other more fancier brothers and sisters.

The center band is tacked on, not screwed.
The archtop setup is the same as all others

Here is a view of the neck adjuster, seen on late models.

A heavy brass, one piece flange, that the tension hooks run thru,just like on an old Gibson, instead of the regular anchor shoes.
This is a true flange, and not just decorative, and it screws to the rim.
This is not like the thin decorative flange on all other para models

Scalloped rim shell,   it adds lots of looks to the final product

These tiny one screw page tuners are slick working and VG condition.

This crack is in the inside veneer only and not visible on the outside.
i will seal this up and it will remain stable.

The best wax for anything.
I waxed the entire banjo inside and out.

After cleanup

Nice hardware.
Rim shell sits right down on the flange which means when head is tensioned the whole thing becomes one piece

You do not see many of these mutes and darn sure not on the Jr's I've seen
And back on goes the nice vintage Paramount skinhead.

This bracket screws in with a wood screw not like the other models with a threaded screw and a shoe

matching numbers.
I was the first man to ever dissassemble this one.
That was easy to determine.

Rim serial, barely visible

An outside view of the neck adjuster

Crack is now filled and stable.
This was the only issue I encountered.
What a nice machine

Strung up and playing well

Also the only Para  with a Pyralin overlayed peghead I have encountered.

Other pics, assembled

Orig.HSC in fair condition, with "Paramount" tension wrench in case pocket.