Don Wiseman's
Paramount Tenor Harp
Circa 1930s
Ser #141

Repair to play as electric

Top was cracked down the center, and since I plan to use all new wood here, it just gets ripped up.
That is "Black mold" that you see, about an inch thick
I felt as if I'd opened King Tuts tomb, and now I am waiting for the horrible death that comes from breathing this stuff in!

Both braces had been crushed at some time

Most of it is now cleaned out

A little more in the crannies

Ser. number on front

Lets strip it

Here it is splinted, and lacquered on the inside now, starting to come around.

Crack is all sealed

Neck stripping time

Blackening inlays

I will use the electrics from this vintage "63"Harmony Bobkat
Best "Surf guitar" ever made
They used DeArmond"GoldenTone" pickups will will look "retro" and work very well.
two pickups will be a nice touch, I think.

All pulled out of the zgitFiddle

Cutting a piece of Norwegian spruce plyboard

Adding the new Basswood braces

Stained and drilled screwholes in soundboard, ready to mount pickups after a few coats of finish

Since the pickups are to be surface mounted, the dowel needed a notch, so that I could raise the neck into the rim higher, to clear them, and still have a good action

Pickups mounted to board

braces have been modified, to land on dowel, which will give good connection inside, to all the wooden parts, when top stresses downward

"Banjohaven plaque installed"
Also, another screw, to pull in the neck tighter than the just having the front lagged.

Good neck clearance now

Top mounted to board, after sound check
I had to arrange the controls as such, due to wiring constraints, and also being able to clear the bracing's.
Since the bakelite knobs on these olden controls crumbled, I made some simple wooden ones, out of 1/2" dowel. drilled, and blackened them.
I think small, is nice on here.

Created a bridge, and dyed it black, added the LAST ever NOS "Liberty Banjo gold armrest, (Thanks once again, Paul)
 and a tailpiece I made from a Uke TP, that accepts ball end strings, and strung it to the proper gauges for Don's playing

It has all kinds of power, which did not surprise me, since I knew the capability of the DeArmond "Golden Tone" pickups.
I think Ol Don will be surprised, and he will get it in New Orleans
Well, a prototype has been at least completed, and setup fairly well, and I am encouraged by its performance.
A fun project, and hopefully a happy Wiseman.
Thanks for following,