Pat's Slingerland Maybell


Stripping checked varnish

binding sealed, ready for sealer

Repaired the one broken stanchion and fabricated one that was missing.
New felt will go on at the end.

This must have happened in shipping, I saw it upon close inspection.
Close up makes it look worse than it is, I will dress that up.

Sidewall stripped, the back will be cleaned and sealed, then clear over existing finish and applique.
You lose it if you sand at all, so a light scuffing is all it will get.
I will hide the old checking in the new coatings.

Taking on clear

The Walnut of the neck is much lighter in color now that you can see the clarity of the grain with the new clear.


The process used to get the anodized gold hardware with shiny highlights was something easily done when you were making them from new.
Acid etching, bead blasting, with templates and stencils were some of the methods and when you are in a production run and setup it is normal work.
Now, that process cannot cost effectively be reproduced unless there is some really special reason to go that far.
So I am cleaning up the brass, and will use Nikolas Brass Lacquer with gold infused.
This is an industry standard since the 1800's for brass instruments like Trumpets, Sax's...

The satin look will be left inside the tone ring where it is not degraded

Buffing parts and cleaning/laquering

That is its new look.

Waiting on head and tuners from supplier, I will have it fretted and ready to assemble in the mean time.

Pulling frets
Will install 147 Stew mac wire.
Level , crown, polish



DR string and Remo head provided by
Banjo plays very well with good downforce and string action

Final polish


New tuners are very smooth, Nikolas finish added to the raw brass housings

Thanks for watching and thank you Pat, for your patience.