Paul Morrissey's
Resonator and neck refinish

(Co founder of )

I am pleased to be working on this particular set of pieces because Paul was "Instrumental" in helping me get started in my repair business.
His company built some of the finest banjos that have ever came out of the USA.
Liberty was an institution for over 25 yrs and have had instruments grace the front covers of several Mel Bay teaching method books.
The Liberty "Cotillion" is still one of the most sought after of all the Liberty Banjos, with only 8 being produced in the entire time the company was up and running.
Paul, Bob Flesher, and James DeCava, are are still well known in the circles that we run in and I am pleased to have been asked to work on Paul's personal favorite.
Not as "Fancy" as the Cotillion, but it is a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood example, of the fine workmanship found in all Liberty banjos.

Let's start the stripping.
I am using a stripper because I want ZERO wood removal on this baby.

Second strip

Both pieces all done, and prepped for refinish

Isn't that a stunning siamesed resonator overlay?

I will be using a Kelly Moore High solids clearcoat sealer, for maximum build.

Cleaning up all of the bindings before refinishing

First coat of sealer applied

Darkening some areas on the peghead reverse overlay to make the abalone stand out when  the clear goes on.

And the first sealer on the resonator.
I will be using a fast drying urethane that I have had excellent results with and it has great optical clarity
It should really make the rosewood stand out.
There were a few small spots on the outside resonator binding that just wouldnt lighten up and I did not want to scrape too deep so I left that and re-named it "patina"

Now I will carry it on with 8 coats of clear and mail her back to Paul
I hope he is pleased
Thanks for watching