Five string from parts

RK Neck
RK Rim assy
RK Resonator

Neck darkened and taking on clear
Resonator sealed, ready to darken

Filling low spot

tint coat added, scraping the rings and bindings

Ready for clear

Color match look

Rim taking on clear after tint coat


Lag time, lets keep it from goin to China :)

All line up real good

Black felt

Problem is its only wanting to run med crown so with this high it wants to bottom, Ill trim that notch out, not reposition everything
Hoop looks right with High crown on this one, go back and look a few pics back.

Slight reposition, cannot go lower, bottom lag has no heel left to do it

Tight top to bottom, but will need shimming up top to run a decent bridge.
About 050 will be used
Its bottomed out on the flange now, so there is no way to go up more.

I only had a single rod with hardware, nothing to fit the other thread lag  but its so tight a fit it doesn't need it.

Was able to gain this much on it

Good action, seems to play out OK, Im encouraged that it was not in vain to try this old neck
Does sound good and acts like its gonna play easy

Will wetsand and buff reso, just curing it.