Rick B's Workpage
1920's B&D Silver Bell Tenor

Good original example

Paintings and gravings are good

Mute is functional

3 orig tuners, rough...  with one friction, will be replaced, customer furnished Gotoh's

Makers mark

Neck has solid steel bar truss from factory proven by wooden plug over the laminate as well as weight.

Friction tuner eroded celluloid, I will fill and hide with new tuner body

Celluloid shrinkage on binding is normal, and frets are sticking thru it.
Will  seal fret blocks which are always loose from the fingerboard.



Fret Work

Installing #147 wire, and will seal with #10 cyano
Fingerboard shows normal cupping and glue will seal the irregular areas.

Repairing tuner hole damage
#20 white
Dowel with wax paper as a release mechanism

After it hardens I will pull dowel and flatten it

A good repair, all hidden under tuner body so it needs no matching
I will wet sand the yellowing from the rest and it will all be more uniform.

Front overlay sealed and cleaned/buffed/waxed

Finish stripped, celluloid's sealed
I will scrape the yellowed lacquer from the heel cap so it also is white again, leaving all the colored areas original

Taking on clear coats

Frets leveled


End dressing

Side smoothing

Fine paper then I will hit them with the fret polishing wheel

Resonator back

The few hairline cracks that it had in the celluloid I sealed up before removing the yellowed finish that was on it.

Now I am showing 3 procedures,
Fine wet sanding with 800 grit so as not to lose lines, but get it cleaned up
Cleaning out the concentrics with my scribe so that they can take on new blacking.
Rubbing in the blacking.

After a light wet sanding with 1200 grit on everything but the lines., ready to buff.

Buffed back to a high shine and waxed


Gotoh's turn freely, I like these tuners

Mute adjusted


DR Strings and REMO head furnished by www.bedfordbanjoshop.com
Banjo plays well with good tone and action
Mute actuates properly.
Ready for final adjustments if needed,, when customer arrives.


Thanks for watching