Vega Tubaphone
(Style X9 attributes)

Vegaphone X project

 For sale is an interesting early Vegaphone Artist.
 The banjo is stylistically more similar to a Style X No 9, but is labeled "Artist" on the tailpiece.
We believe this to be one of the first production Vegaphones.
Recently refinished and refretted, the banjo plays exceptionally well up and down the neck.
 The original friction tuners retain their pearl buttons and work surprisingly well.
 Cosmetically the banjo is in very good shape but still shows some nicks and dings under the new finish and some worn plating here and there, but has been polished and buffed.
 The fingerboard inlay engravings are worn and could use a good touch up if the buyer wanted them to look new again.
The banjo also appears to have the much sought-after early Tubaphone tonering with slightly larger holes.
This is one of the best sounding Vegaphones we have ever heard.
The banjo comes with the OHSC which is in very good condition

Original Vega Branded HSC in VG Condition, with Handle