Ranger Bob's
Round bodied Resonator Tenor Guitar
19 fret
SER# 001

In collaboration with Cliff Edwards, Dobro built the four-stringed round-bodied resonator tenor scale length instrument called the Tenortrope in the early 1930s

  Notice: Cliff is not playing one of his endorsed models, and that this on is marked at 9, not at the 10 fret  like most Tenortropes
This would be correct for him, since he was "Ukulele Ike"





Gold engraved Hardware
70s Schaller Tuners
70s De Armond Pickup with Mini controls
Adjustable truss
Maple Neck
Maple Back and top
Mahogany sides
 Faux painted to resemble Rosewood

Possibly a prototype that went on to be sold, it has a little different wood than a Cliff Edwards model.

I strung it up and saw what it had to offer up with no work.
Its playable but needs some resetting and rebracing of the neck and a fret leveling
Will need to look inside to see what it has

neck joint has a felt shim in it, that has to go.

I can drop fill this and make that hide

Almost as deep as a Dreadnaught

The 70's De Armond has mini controls, I have found a knob and a cord for this setup on ebay.

Neck is OK, can be made playable since it does have a truss.

Im not sure about this, I think it should have had a Spyder and Cone, not a National style cone and biscuit.
Probably was just done to make it playable
I will order the proper hardware

Bad cone anyway
You can see shimwood on the rim  that is not factory and a compensated biscuit to get the intonation right

Need to stabilize that one pot.

Backing off the truss, its been unstrung a while and needs to breathe

Dowel is Ok, reworked probably in the 70s with the rest of the work.

Was made to fit correctly and its good and stable

Cone Size

Ths cone is 9.5"
There are no Spyder Bridge Cones on the market smaller than 10.5 so..........this was meant to be Biscuit and cone style is not my assumption.
So I will use whats in it, and modify it for Tenor

Also I will elevate this neck, it is flat with the body and needs clearance so it can fret down at 19. without hitting the body

Tailpiece needs to come towards the treble side about 1/8"

That Bridge is standard Dobro
It was never modified for this style instrument
I will put a Corian top on it, and thin the sides down.

And take some weight from the base

All dyed with Fiebigs

Adding the new pickup jack, now its ready for a standard plug from Mike Soares

Testing the pickup and controls, all working, no static
New knobs from Mike as well.

Modifying the dowel for some elevation

Reattached and rebraced, much more stable now and board is 1/8" over body

I will suspend the cone to help it have a better vibration, 1/8 shimwood, 8 blocks

Face veneer for elevation, looks good , I'll seal it up

Ok I have the action and slots like  Iwant, now to add the top
Better downforce, much clearer tone, Liking that.

Electrics sound VG, they do not change the sound, only amplify it.

Now to settle in a bit, its playing very well up and down already and tone is pure, sweet, not brash.

Upgrades- Resto Work 2-15
Bob wanted it to look nicer so lets get to it.

Ready to strip

That took alot of time to clen this body out, 2 cans stripper.

Size difference next to Vox resonator

Sealed and ready for tint

Shaving the edge to give the appearance of a bound peghead

First tint colors

Second tint and fade

Adding clear

 Just a looksee before more clearcoats

Shot the top with a pumpkin color first

Thats is how it would have looked with a custom armrest made for the 13" Orpheum Brass Band behind it
This color is too racy for Bob so we will go to a more Rosewoodish look.

Color coat and one clear coat

The Ranger says its OK now, so lets go forth with clear till its done


I set this up on an action that benefits its electrics.
Low and Fast
You can get it to buzz if you play real hard on it but its very easy to play at this level.
This is not something you can just set up on the fly.

I'll keep it clean until we get it to the shipper
I hope it brings Ranger B some pleasure in years to come
 Certainly a unique window into the world of Dobro.
Thank's for watching