Marketed by Sterling
Serial number is 2
Marked in 3 places
Im guessing this only because there is no data suggesting that there were ever a model 1 or 2, or higher.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Disassembly Pics

After cleaning the major "scum" off with polishing compound, I can now buff it, without smearing.

No heel crack, very straight neck.
No laminate, no truss rod.
Go figure.

Serial number on inside of hoop

Serial number on inside of rim

Serial number over dowel cutout

Heavy fingernail gouging, that will be left as patina.
It appears to have been played Classical style.

Dowel end is fitted for rim insertion.

Dowel is solid, not loose

Heavy board dryout, with many chunks missing.
Will require the full cyano/fill treatment

Total devastation of upper 3 blocks.
Those divits are much deeper than they appear.

Overlay in raising, and will be sealed as well
Gouged from washers around ill fitting tuners

Backside OK

Those are claw marks, on the button, from "anchoring" while playing
Who was this "yeti like"banjo playing animal???

5th peg is solid, works OK

Hoop has nice stamped artistry in it

All cleaned and assembled, with a newer calfskin, but still vintage.

All matching hardware, original

very intrcate shoe castings.

I will make this one flush fretted, so I can level whats left of this board, and still use it, as the NICE abalone inlays are thick enough

Sealed, leveled and ready to fret

Ill use celluloid binding, same OD as fret slotting saw

all in, half leveled, ready to stain, and lacquer



Newer "No Knot" tailpiece

Vintage planet tuners and ivroid buttons

Plays very well on Thomastik Flatwounds, but I think I will go to heavy nylon, for even more power.