Round Plectrum Guitar Project
From the estate of John Huntsberger
Instrument was created in Oregon, U.S.A.
"Curtis" was the inlay on peghead

Instrument came in with a bowed neck and no truss.
I opted to use a 1960s Gibson PB 250 Plectrum banjo neck, with the heel cut to match this body.
It already has an adjustable truss, and I will strip this finish and do a sunburst like the neck.
I will go with tortoise pickguard material and cut it myself.
The neck finish will be left orig and only a few clear coats over it to freshen it up.
I will dress the frets and go with that, seeing as I am trying to keep it economical.

Building up the heel to match the body

Sunburst completed

I left some finish on the MOP to get a two tone look

Armrest attached with 2 sided tape

Starting the heel cut to get the scale to match up
Now to add some tint and finish to the neck.


Instrument plays very well, with a nice quiet but warm tone.


Fabricating another guard, moved the armrest, re-cut bridge and nut slots for lefty

The other material was here along time, I got one that was close but not exact match.
Rough cut in complete
I am overlapping with a scarf cut. leaving the right hand guard.

Adding the double sided adhesive

Ok, its back up and running and I will tweak it on in after it settles down and then get it on to the customer.

Thanks for looking,Vinnie